Audatex Examines the Impact of Lightweight Carbon Fiber on Next-Generation Vehicle Construction


July 29 /PRNewswire/ — Audatex North America, Inc. today announced the release of its summer 2010 industry trends publication, Audatex Directions. This issue’s cover story examines the future of carbon fiber and its potential impact on global automotive insurance and collision repair practices.

As demand for increased fuel efficiency requires advances in the use of lightweight materials in vehicle design, carbon fiber is emerging as a viable alternative to traditional materials. The article describes the growing importance of ensuring that both appraisers and collision repair professionals have the proper estimating tools in place to identify those vehicles for which carbon fiber parts are standard equipment, and those for which it may or may not represent an option.

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The Summer 2010 issue also offers insight into the new Strategic Advisory Council assembled by Hollander North America, Inc., a Solera Company, to provide collaboration among leading recyclers, insurers and collision repairers.

“An important aspect of managing an efficient and cost-effective collision repair shop is access to an ample supply of recycled parts,” said Mike Salfity, Managing Director of Audatex North America. “Hollander’s network of recycling yards has the largest number of parts ready for use for collision repair, and Hollander makes this information available through its EDEN locating solution exclusively in the Audatex Estimating(TM) platform. We’re delighted that the Audatex-Hollander synergy, which is unique in the industry, will enable Audatex customers to make more informed repair decisions and gain greater control of their business operations and ability to serve customers.”

Audatex Directions also showcases Cars Collision Group, whose 28 collision repair shops are all taking advantage of a virtual Lean Six Sigma training program from Audatex to improve both customer service and process efficiency. In addition, the publication shares trends on U.S. collision repair through data from Audatex Insight(TM), the new Audatex data analytics solution.

Other articles in Audatex Directions explore:

  • First quarter motorcycle sales trends
  • The impact of social media on the regulated world of insurance
  • TechFocus(TM), an integrated and estimate-specific solution for
  • accessing repair and replace procedures
  • News from the Audatex Technical Advisory Council

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