ATS Engineering Launches North American Operations


Plymouth, Mich., (July 12, 2010) — ATS Engineering, designers and manufacturers of a comprehensive product line of AC motors for use by specialty equipment manufacturers, recently launched North American operations and field services in Plymouth, Michigan.

ATS Engineering will now meet the needs of the North American market where customer choices have been few for high performance, engineered AC motors. The ATS Engineering product line includes asynchronous motors; synchronous motors, and custom designed motors for industrial use in engine, powertrain and chassis dynamometer test systems; slitting and shear manufacturing operations; plastic extrusion processes; and high speed production machining.

North American-based organizations requiring non-standard AC motor performance curves and low inertia designs are especially served by ATS Engineering. These motors are ideal in applications that require repetitive transient load changes, high rotational speeds and high continuous torques.

Said Tim Sante, North American Sales Manager for ATS Engineering, “The North American market is well-served by the proven ATS Engineering design and knowledge base. Today’s manufacturers face ever-increasing pressures to cut cost, improve quality and efficiency. These organizations will benefit from ATS Engineering’s commitment to quality, reliability and performance.”

About ATS Engineering

With North American operations in Plymouth, Michigan, ATS Engineering is a Dresden, Germany-based manufacturer of high performance AC motors with a global sales and support network. ATS Engineering designs and manufactures a comprehensive product line of AC motors for use by specialty equipment manufacturers in applications for the North American automotive, machine tool, heavy duty metal forming and plastics extrusion industries. The company drives motor technology through continued investment in research, resulting in innovative designs for reliable and cost-efficient operation.