Appointments Made to State Unarmed Combat Commission


LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder has appointed Hilmer Kenty, of Detroit; Jeff Styers, of Northville, and Jason Hanselman, of DeWitt, to the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission. Dr. Stuart Kirschenbaum, of Franklin, has also been named to a new non-voting position of adviser to the governor on boxing issues.

Housed within the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the 11-member commission regulates professional boxing and mixed martial arts events.

“I thank these appointees for their willingness to serve on the commission to represent unarmed combat sports in Michigan,” said Snyder.

Kenty replaces Douglas Maskin and will represent people with experience in boxing on the commission. He is a former boxing champion, having won the 1980 WBA Lightweight title. 

Styers will also represent people with experience in boxing and replaces Charles McNinch. He is a former professional and amateur boxer with 112 bouts under his belt. Styers is currently the president and CEO of Arrow Strategies, a staffing company he founded in 2002. 

Hanselman will represent the general public and replaces Charles Zurawski. He is an attorney and member of the Lansing-based Dykema law firm, where he practices in the areas of government policy, administrative law, and regulatory law. He previously worked in the Michigan Supreme Court, the State Court Administrative Office, the federal Internal Revenue Service, and in the Michigan House of Representatives. Hanselman has a bachelor’s in public administration from Michigan State University and a degree from the University of Miami School of Law. He was admitted to the state bar in 2000.

Appointees will serve four-year terms that expire June 5, 2017, and their appointments are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.

Kirschenbaum will serve as an adviser to the governor on boxing issues and is not subject to the advice and consent of the Senate in his non-voting role of boxing commissioner emeritus. He previously served as Michigan boxing commissioner from 1981-1992, and has been a longtime proponent of the sport in the state.