Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater Marquee Goes LED


ANN ARBOR — The Michigan Theater just got a little greener — and a little brighter. Workers from Ann Arbor-based Park Avenue Lighting changed out nearly 1,500 bulbs in the theater’s marquee today, replacing them with long-lasting LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs.

The change has been a long time in the making, according to Executive Director Russ Collins. “We’ve been considering this for a decade, but were waiting for the technology to improve and costs to go down,” Collins says. “The return on investment is practical now — instead of lasting only six months, these bulbs will last six years.”

Another benefit: due to lower costs and higher energy efficiency, the theater will be able to keep its marquee lights shining later into the evening for the community to enjoy. ”

The change comes a little less than a year after XSeed Energy and Clean Energy Coalition contracted Homeland Builders to install solar panels on the theater’s roof. The theater also recently made improvements to the building’s perimeter lighting. “The majority of our non-theatrical lighting is now LED or compact fluorescent bulbs,” says  Brian Hunter, facilities manager. “With solar panels and energy-efficient light bulbs, the Michigan is doing its best to implement ‘green’ technologies whenever it’s possible.”

The Michigan Theater, 603 East Liberty St., is celebrating its 87th year and is Ann Arbor’s award-winning non-profit historic center for fine film and performing arts.

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