65 Year-Old Sets World Record: Flying, Landing, Riding a Motorcycle From 5000 Feet


WARREN, Mich., January 20, 2010 — Setting a new world record, 65-year-old Lexington, Michigan parachutist Bernie Williams, completed the first successful flight and landing of a motorcycle in Chesaning, Michigan on November 28, 2009. This was a test flight in preparation to fly over the Snake River in Idaho this spring. An experienced base-jumper and athlete, Williams was seated on a Yamaha YZ-125 motorcycle that ascended to a height of more than 5000 feet suspended beneath a hot air balloon piloted by Eric Horton. The trip took approximately 30 minutes resulting a successful release from the balloon, with Williams flying, then landing the motorcycle on the ground while riding it. John P. Lauri, founder and president of J. Lauri Filmworks at Stage 3 Studios in Warren, Michigan, filmed the event and made the announcement.

Birmingham, Michigan native Lauri is filming a feature documentary based on Williams’ experiences titled “Adrenaline Is Life.” A short video of this original world record flight can be viewed online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA9VdDHsCis.

Williams claims that the motorcycle he flew has more air miles than ground miles. They plan to auction it sometime in 2010 for the benefit of a charitable organization. Williams and Lauri are also considering sponsorships and promotions for their future flights including Snake River.

65 year-old Williams was born in Cardiff Wales where he lived until 1970 when he immigrated to the United States. While working as a boilermaker he pursued his interest in professional motorcycle racing, skydiving, base jumping and wing suit flight. He is a proud member of the United States Parachute Association.

The first public appearance of Mr. Williams and his historic motorcycle were sponsored at the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) on January 1st – 3rd 2010 in Novi Michigan by Motor City Power Sports of Bloomfield Hills. Leah Stevens, Group Operations Director of the IMS stated that “hosting a personality like Bernie is an exciting part of the show series. His adventures will surely inspire others who come to the show to explore their inner stunt man. His presentation on safety and the work that went into the jump was a great addition to the show.”