2014 Chevy Trucks Park Atop Fountain in Comerica Park


DETROIT — It is a rite of spring even if the weather is only beginning to cooperate.

A Blue Topaz Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup and a Crystal Red Metallic Equinox small SUV settled into their parking spaces atop the Chevrolet Fountain behind centerfield in Comerica Park on Thursday. Reaching their perches involved gingerly lifting each vehicle into place by crane — a three-hour process. 

“Chevrolet is the Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball and what better symbol can there be than having our vehicles in such a prominent place in our hometown stadium?” asked Paul Edwards, vice president, Chevrolet marketing.

Chevrolet has sponsored the fountain, which features an array of water displays and the sound of a tiger growling with each Detroit home run, for the last five seasons. The brand chooses core vehicles from its lineup to display each year.

While non-saleable pre-production vehicles took the spaces in previous years, this year’s Silverado and Equinox will be detailed and updated at the end of the season before going to dealer auction.

“Last year, we were able to showcase our vehicles to more than 3 million Tigers’ fans at Comerica Park and even more watching from home,” Edwards said. “Maybe these great family vehicles can inspire a few more home runs to centerfield this year.”