Becoming a Film Extra in Michigan

Film Extras In Michigan

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you by now that the film industry in Michigan is on the rise. You’ve heard all about the film tax incentives that were established to create more jobs in Michigan. You’ve also probably heard about the various film industry training programs around town trying to educate our workers in order to develop and sustain the Michigan film industry.

A Stand for Self Defense

As a talent agent, I have the opportunity to work with many different people from different backgrounds, cultures, and individual career aspirations.

Fashion… in Detroit?

When you think of Michigan and entertainment, what first comes to mind? Is it music? Sports? Stage?

Michigan’s Commercial Talent

In Detroit there is a lot of talk about the movies, but it’s really all about commercials.

Hollywood in Detroit

Never before could you experience three months in Southeast Michigan when such established stars as George Clooney, Robert DiNiro, Edward Norton, Christopher Walken, and Val Kilmer all made their way to our home state for projects.

Making It in Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, my hometown and the automotive capital of the world, supports a flourishing and established media production community of multimillion dollar advertising agencies, production studios, auto shows, industrial producers, actors, and models.