Toni’s Collection

Toni’s Collection in Detroit specializes in hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and triple scented candles. // Photo courtesy of Toni’s Collection

Founded in 2012 by Toni Porter, Toni’s Collection in Detroit specializes in hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and triple scented home fragrance products — candles.

“I am taking an innovative approach with fragrance,” Porter says. “My goal is to transform your environment by creating an experience through smell. I’ve added different elements and complementing products that can be used anywhere.

“I’ve also incorporated candle making sessions for my customers called Sip & Scents, which is perfect for date nights, a girls night activity, or a kids’ crafting session.”

The company’s mission is to build a candle-making business that will not only meet the demands of existing customers but also draw new business. The vision is for Toni’s Collection to be synonymous with high quality in the home fragrance industry.

To realize the company mission, Toni’s Collection is pursuing additional funding to expand and renovate its existing retail space, and to support a new bus to provide a mobile business presence at fairs and events in order to expand.

Porter says she is working toward opening new stores in Detroit, along with a warehouse facility to serve them. In the short term, an e-book and a full candle making course are in the works, along with branded merchandise.

Company: Toni’s Collection
Address: 19222 W. McNichols Rd., Detroit MI 48219
Phone Number: 248-633-8578
Category: Crafts
Founded: 2012
Founder: Toni Porter
Number of Employees: 1
Most Recent Annual Revenue: $70,000
Video Link: NA


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