Sacred Walks By Uni SHOP

// Photo courtesy of Sacred Walks by Uni SHOP

Sacred Walks By Uni SHOP is a healing center based in Redford Township that plans to acquire a state-of-the-art facility to serve as a wellness center.

The facility will include a kitchen, bathrooms, a lounge, a yoga studio, meditation space, and energy rooms that will be themed to inspire mental well-being requirements. To diversify its revenue stream, the company plans to rent the area and the community kitchen once the permanent building is ready. There also will be an on-site childcare section.

As part of its expansion plan, the company will offer yoga teacher training in April 2024.

Sacred Walks By Uni SHOP was founded in 2021 by Jamilah Uni Falero.

“Yoga and meditation gave me my life, light, and love back from the darkness I had to endure from my childhood, Marine Corps life, corrections officer life, and from past abusive relationships which became a pattern,” Falero says.

She adds the company’s for-profit subsidiary, Sacred Walks By Uni Shop LLC, was formed in late 2021.

Company: Sacred Walks By Uni SHOP
Address: 25245 Five Mile Rd., Suite 8 W, Redford Charter Township, 48239
Phone Number: 912-414-8929
Category: Health Care
Founded: 2021
Founder: Jamilah Uni Falero
Number of Employees: 7
Most Recent Annual Revenue: $10,000
Video Link: NA


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