LG Electronics in Troy Debuts LG AlphaWare to Enhance Software-defined Vehicles

Mobility sector technology leader LG Electronics in Troy is driving the transition to software-defined vehicles (SDVs) with the U.S. launch of its pioneering LG AlphaWare user-centric suite of software.
Valentin Janiaut, LG Vehicle Solutions Co.’s software solutions leader, discusses LG AlphaWare user-centric suite of software at the recent AutoTech: Detroit trade show. // Photo courtesy of LG Electronics

Mobility sector technology leader LG Electronics in Troy is driving the transition to software-defined vehicles (SDVs) with the U.S. launch of its pioneering LG AlphaWare user-centric suite of software.

Designed to deliver immersive in-cabin experiences, LG AlphaWare is expected to expand the definition and expectations of mobility’s future.

“At LG, we are committed to Innovation for a Better Life — innovation that serves a purpose and enhances the vehicle experience from every seat,” says Brad Oh, president of LG Electronics Component Solutions USA. “With LG AlphaWare, we are enabling new levels of innovation and development for automakers as SDVs redefine the entire ecosystem of vehicle manufacturing, usage and ownership.”

LG’s software solutions were introduced at the recent AutoTech: Detroit, where the company shared its insights and approach to revolutionizing the SDV business model. During LG’s AutoTech presentation, Valentin Janiaut, LG Vehicle Solutions Company’s software solutions leader, discussed several key topics concerning the transition to SDVs.

He emphasized the emerging trend of vehicles becoming extensions of people’s personal space, providing seamless connectivity for work and relaxation, and transforming the car into far more than just a means of transportation.

He said LG AlphaWare is paving the way for SDVs to become “living spaces on wheels” through its ability to facilitate user-experiences similar to those offered by LG’s consumer electronics for the home.

“There is an increasing expectation for vehicles to not only get you from here to there but also to serve as extensions of personal space where users can seamlessly connect, work and relax,” says Janiaut. “LG AlphaWare is leading the way in transforming vehicles into ‘living spaces on wheels,’ creating superior, integrated experiences that bring the connected entertainment experience you are used to from your living room and kitchen into your vehicle.”

Offering comprehensive support and seamless integration with automakers’ in-vehicle systems, LG AlphaWare is designed to help mobility providers to overcome technical challenges and deliver home-like comfort and connectivity to drivers and passengers.

This is made possible by LG AlphaWare software suite’s five core solutions that work together to enhance the in-vehicle experience:

  • PlayWare — This entertainment platform enhances the in-vehicle infotainment experience through the delivery of ultra-high-definition content and superior audio quality. Leveraging LG’s partnerships with major streaming apps, sports and news channels, PlayWare brings the LG smart TV experience into the car. The platform is designed to run efficiently, quickly and smoothly, while displaying content in stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution  for passengers’ viewing enjoyment. The platform also uses advanced AI Audio technology, adapted from LG smart TVs, to upgrade audio content into convincing spatial sound, making every journey an immersive auditory event.
  • MetaWare — Enhancing the driving experience by leveraging augmented- and mixed-reality technologies, MetaWare is designed to deliver meaningful information across various displays, from AR HUDs to clusters and central panels. MetaWare supports the procedural generation of realistic 3D environments, transforming standard 2D map data into dynamic, immersive visuals. This feature aids drivers in better understanding their car’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and navigation system information, providing a more engaging and intuitive driving experience.
  • VisionWare — As an advanced AI and ADAS platform, VisionWare analyzes driver and passenger behavior through an advanced monitoring system that employs an AI algorithm, software framework, electronic control unit and camera technologies. VisionWare incorporates driver monitoring systems to prevent distractions and hazards that may occur when driving. It also features an interior monitoring system that analyzes the status of all passengers, detecting seat belt use, hand gestures, behavior patterns and the presence of children, to deliver a next-generation user experience.
  • BaseWare — The “backbone” of the vehicle, BaseWare offers a comprehensive collection of versatile software modules to enrich existing vehicle operating systems and assist in building new platforms. Engineered to support the essential lifecycle of a car, BaseWare facilitates reliable real-time management and simplifies service abstraction and development. For example, its Mixed Critical Orchestrator  supports the management of service execution both on-device and in the cloud while adhering to strict industry safety requirements.
  • OpsWare — As the central operations platform designed to enhance collaboration among software developers, this facilitates seamless interaction across global teams throughout the entire software development process, from design to deployment. Alongside fostering collaboration, OpsWare prioritizes robust cybersecurity management, providing comprehensive support for long-term maintenance. LG’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offers continuous monitoring and in-depth analysis of cybersecurity risks to ensure vehicles’ software remains secure against emerging threats. Through its diverse capabilities, OpsWare supports automakers in maintaining high security and in improving the efficiency of their software lifecycle management.

The U.S. introduction of LG AlphaWare reinforces LG’s portfolio of state-of-the-art vehicle solutions and supports the company’s global transformation into a Smart Life Solutions company, Oh explained. A well-established and leading home appliance and consumer electronics brand, LG is continuing its expansion in the mobility sector to connect and enrich customers’ experiences and spaces in meaningful ways.

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