Fahrenheit 313

Fahrenheit 313 was founded by Frederick Paul II in 2016 to deliver fashionable sneakers at affordable prices.
The mission of Fahrenheit 313 is to deliver the hottest sneakers for affordable prices to all sneaker lovers. // Photo courtesy of °Fahrenheit 313

Fahrenheit 313 was founded by Frederick Paul II in 2016 to deliver fashionable sneakers at affordable prices.

“Fahrenheit 313 aims to completely revolutionize the retail customer experience for buying, selling and trading sneakers via our Sneaker Exchange,” says Paul.

Paul launched the company after living as a struggling college student who needed cash to survive away from home. An avid sneaker addict, he decided to sell some of his vintage sneakers for extra cash. He successfully sold multiple pairs of sneakers on EBay, which led him to the venture.

“My passion for sneakers runs very deep and I knew there were others who shared the same love,” Paul says. “I wanted to create a space where others could profess their love for sneakers, unapologetically. That’s why I started Fahrenheit 313.”

The company is located along the Avenue of Fashion at 20114 Livernois Ave. in Detroit. Ultimately, Paul says his goal is to invest in Detroit and its revitalization by creating charities.

  • Name: Fahrenheit 313
  • Address: 20114 Livernois Ave., Detroit
  • Email: letsconnect@fahrenheit313.com
  • Website: fahrenheit313.com
  • Phone Number: 313-646-6043
  • Category: Apparel
  • Founded: 2016
  • Founder: Frederick Paul II
  • Number of Employees: NA
  • Most Recent Annual Revenue: NA
  • Video Link: NA

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