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smart TVs from InFocus TVs
Image courtesy of InFocus TVs

The production of consumer electronic equipment has long been sourced from low-wage countries, but Canton Township-based InFocus TVs, which sells Roku smart televisions in various sizes in stores and online, is hoping a boost in sales will drive manufacturing back home.

Darren S. Ivey, director of sales and marketing at InFocus TVs, says the Roku offers more than 5,000 streaming channels available to consumers, including Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Vudu, Plex, all the major networks, and cable channels.,

Currently manufactured in Mexico and China, InFocus TVs’ products offer screens from 43 inches to 70 inches, all with the Roku OS platform that allows viewers to stream free TV, live news, sports, and hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes from free and paid channels.

“There’s a future possibility that InFocus TVs’ (televisions) could be assembled in Canton Township if the volume and market conditions support the business case (for) assembling the product in the U.S.,” Ivey says.

In the meantime, Ivey says InFocus TVs, an enterprise managed by Lotus International Co., an integrated specialty technology firm also based in Canton Township, is ideal for people looking to cut their cable bill or searching for a different way to discover new streaming channels.

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