PDA Q&A: Tim Bryan

The E-Interview, CEO and Chairman, GalaxE.Solutions, Detroit
Tim Bryan
Tim Bryan

DB: Where are you?
TB: I’m at the east end of Long Island in New York. I have a summer home here, and we’re still in the work-from-home mode.

DB: How’s it going?
TB: We’re doing very well. As you know, we provide IT services to a range of clients in health care, insurance, retail, and financial services. Our mission has always been to bring jobs back to the United States and to the markets we serve. We call it Outsource to America, and we have Outsource to Detroit, Outsource to Hartford, and Outsource to Milwaukee, with more to come in places like Nashville and St. Louis.

DB: What’s driving demand?
TB: We had great success before COVID-19, and now things are even better. People overseas often don’t have a home office, home computer lines, or consistent electricity (at home), and that leads to concerns about privacy and security.

DB: Isn’t labor cheaper overseas?
TB: It can be, but we look at the entire transaction. Time differences were already helping to bring jobs back to America. It’s hard to do business in the middle of the night. With the infrastructure issue I described, America makes an even better choice for remote work.

DB: Are you hiring?
TB: Yes. We bring automation into the equation so people aren’t doing repetitive things, and with the way we’re set up, we can get virtual teams set up quickly. That means we can hire even more people and take a bite out of the unemployment rate. Plus, our workforce is getting more diverse, and our training can be done online. We’ve really tapped into a dynamic shift that’s helping America grow.