PDA Q&A: Jim Lareau

The E-Interview, COO, M3Linked, Birmingham
Jim Lareau
Jim Lareau

DB: Where are you?
JL:  In Scottsdale, Ariz. We’re having our executive leadership annual planning session as well as EOS training (Entrepreneurial Operating System for Businesses). There are four people on our executive leadership team.

DB: How is M3Linked doing?
JL: Very well. We started last September. The business was originally launched in Scottsdale as Alliances, and it’s been up and running for seven years. Two of our partners were members of the Alliances network, and they realized it was a wonderful business model in which members share success stories, seek out knowledge, cultivate relationships, and provide opportunities — all in a private, confidential, invite-only setting.

DB: are you expanding?
JL: Under the Alliances brand, they started with Tampa and Washington, D.C. But as things played out, it was beyond what the original owner wanted to do. So the business was acquired, and Steven Nelick (CEO) and I came on board. We’ve since expanded into Philadelphia, Detroit (Birmingham), Chicago, Palo Alto, and we’ll be opening soon in Los Angeles, New York City, and Las Vegas. We’ve identified 46 communities, based on population, where we believe our organization will be very successful. In the future, we’ll be in Canada and the UK.

DB: What programs are offered?
JL: We have multiple offerings, including M3Forum, where we meet weekly (virtually) with a guest speaker and have break-out discussions; M3Tank, which is like “Shark Tank”; M3Mastermind, where you have a group of M3 members help another member launch a product or service, for example; M3Social; and more.

DB: What’s the cost?
JL: It depends on the membership level. We’re unique in that we’re not interested in having our members conduct transactions. We’re about business development and collaboration. Our mission is to connect, energize, grow, and promote entrepreneurialism.

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