Pandemic IT

hands typing on laptop
Courtesy of Vision Computer Solutions

Vision Computer Solutions in Northville faced a daunting task in March: In relatively short order, it had to make sure all the employees of its 90 clients could work from home.

“The great majority of our 2,000 end users had to be able to operate working from home,” explains Chuck Lobert, vice president of sales and marketing at VCS. “For those who still had on-premise servers (and) still had their data sitting in their office, we had to very quickly get VPN licensing. If they didn’t have business-level computers at home, we had to get them laptops or help them get their home computers connected.

“Then we had to get our anti-virus and security software onto those home computers, which can be done remotely,” Lobert continues. “Once our software is on a computer we can do most anything remotely, short of changing out a piece of hardware.”

Founded in 1995, VCS expects to earn $5 million in sales in 2020, supporting or becoming the IT department for its 90 clients — the majority of which are law firms, title agencies, or financial service firms.

VCS can be a company’s IT department or supplement a firm with an IT department in place. In the first instance, they run everything. In the second, they help by supporting certain aspects of an IT operation.

“We can do as much or as little as the client requires,” Lobert says. “We can even fill in when someone gets sick or goes on vacation.”