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Detroit Grooming Co. products
Photo courtesy of Detroit Grooming Co.

Set in an old manufacturing center with large, industrial-style windows, Detroit Grooming Co. offers a product line that doubles as a timeline of the history of men’s personal care products, including straight razors, brushes, shaving mugs, and bar soaps.

Frustrated with the itching that can result from growing a beard, Mike Haddad hit upon the idea of developing an all-natural line of beard creams, oils, and gels to protect his skin against moisture loss and irritation.

In 2013, he pulled in his best friend, Shaun Walford, and the
pair launched what today is a company with more than 300 retail accounts including barber shops, salons, hotels, and country clubs. There’s even a line of hair and body products that appeal to female buyers — they either purchase something for themselves or as a gift for the favorite men in their lives.

“When we opened our digital doors (website) in 2014, sales took off,” says Haddad, president of Detroit Grooming, which is located in an industrial area of Ferndale. “In addition to our U.S. sales, we’re getting orders from around the world, including Australia, Poland, Russia, Malta, and more.”

The company offers more than 120 products. In addition to such mainstays as beard and mustache grooming items, there’s an ever-expanding line of shave kits, golf gear, denim jackets, barber capes, and apparel.

“We focus our retail sales on salons and barber shops because they buy in larger quantities,” says Walford, COO of Detroit Grooming. “And we brought in seasoned business veterans Victor Simon and Steve Henes to help us expand the business. Our goal is to keep growing our beards, and our business.”

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