Michigan Franchise Report: Top Michigan Maintenance Franchises

The commercial and residential services industry is expected to grow by 1.6 percent in 2014, employing over 356,000 people and creating $53.2 billion in revenue. — FranchisingUSA
top 5 franchisors in Michigan
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How does your brand stay ahead of the competition?

We provide exceptional service that demands fierce customer loyalty, particularly from our elderly and disa­bled customers. Simple repairs and modifications can give someone the freedom to live comfortably.  — Keith A. Paul, founder and CEO of Handy Pro (4 Units in Michigan)

What steps are you taking to expand customer service?

We are looking to improve the customer experience by enhancing our online features and improving our processes and communication with customers. 

Aaron Samson, president of Lush Lawn (3 Units in Michigan)

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Why do you think maintenance and home-care industry is growing?

Service sectors are in-demand. Property owners require our services in order to protect their property and surroundings.  — Charlie Culver, COO at Critter Control (8 units in Michigan)

Why is Michigan a good place to start a business and build upon that brand?

I think the client in Michigan has a lot of pride in their community and their own slice of it. That translates to a discerning client with needs that a great service company can satisfy.  Steve Russell, vice president of Eradico Services, a sub-franchisor of Weed Man (12 units in Michigan)

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Is access to capital a concern to  grow your business?

Access to capital is always something that concerns you as a business owner. We just stay flexible to be able to cover all the work we can.  Aaron Jones, vice president of operations for SWAT Environmental (5 Units in Michigan)

Top 25 Maintenance Outlets in Michigan (Out of 52)

  1. Coverall
    Units in Michigan: 239
    Franchisor: Coverall North America Inc.
    City, State: Deerfield Beach, Fla.
  2. Servpro
    Units in Michigan: 47
    Franchisor: Servpro Industries Inc.
    City, State: Gallatin, Tenn.
  3. Vanguard Cleaning Systems
    Units in Michigan: 40
    Franchisor: SandalStone Ventures Inc.
    City, State: Greenfield, Wis.
  4. Culligan Co.
    Units in Michigan: 34
    Franchisor:bCulligan International
    City, State: Rosemont, Ill.
  5. ServiceMaster Clean
    Units in Michigan: 29
    Franchisor: ServiceMaster Residential/ Commercial Services LP
    City, State: Memphis, Tenn.
  6. Rainbow Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning Co.
    Units in Michigan: 13
    Franchisor: Rainbow International
    City, State: Waco, Texas
  7. Weedman
    Units in Michigan: 12
    Franchisor: Midwest Lawn Care LLC
    City, State: Brighton
  8. Disaster Kleenup
    Units in Michigan: 10
    Franchisor: Disaster Kleenup International
    City, State: Wood Dale, Ill.
  9. Fish Window Cleaning
    Units in Michigan: 10
    Franchisor: Fish Window Cleaning Services Inc.
    City, State: Manchester, Mo.
  10. Mr. Appliance
    Units in Michigan: 9
    Franchisor: Mr. Appliance LLC
    City, State: Waco, Texas
  11. Critter Control
    Units in Michigan: 8
    Franchisor: Critter Control Inc.
    City, State: Traverse City
  12. Furniture Medic
    Units in Michigan: 7
    Franchisor: Furniture Medic Limited Partnership
    City, State: Memphis, Tenn.
  13. Lawn Doctor
    Units in Michigan: 6
    Franchisor: Lawn Doctor Inc.
    City, State: Holmdel, N.J.
  14. Mosquito Squad
    Units in Michigan: 6
    Franchisor: Mosquito Squad Franchising Corp.
    City, State: Richmond, Va.
  15. Roto-Rooter
    Units in Michigan: 6
    Franchisor: Roto-Rooter Corp.
    City, State: West Des Moines, Iowa
  16. Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning
    Units in Michigan: 5
    Franchisor: Stanley Steamer International Inc.
    City, State: Dublin, Ohio
  17. Mr. Handyman
    Units in Michigan: 5
    Franchisor: Mr. Handyman International LLC
    City, State: Ann Arbor
  18. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
    Units in Michigan: 5
    Franchisor: Benjamin Franklin Franchising LLC
    City, State: Sarasota, Fla.
  19. Mr. Electric
    Units in Michigan: 5
    Franchisor: Mr. Electric LLC
    City, State: Waco, Texas
  20. System4 Cleaning
    Units in Michigan: 4
    Franchisor: Pacific Coast Commercial Cleaning Inc.
    City, State: Carlsbad, Calif.
  21. Linc Network
    Units in Michigan: 4
    Franchisor: ABM Franchising Group LLC
    City, State: Canonsburg, Pa.
  22. Pro Energy Consultants
    Units in Michigan: 4
    Franchisor: MMI-PEC LLC
    City, State: Independence, Ohio
  23. U.S. Lawns
    Units in Michigan: 4
    Franchisor: U.S. Lawns Inc.
    City, State: Orlando, Fla.
  24. West Sanitation Services
    Units in Michigan: 3
    Franchisor: West Sanitation Services Inc.
    City, State: Torrance, Calif.
  25. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
    Units in Michigan: 3
    Franchisor: Oxi Fresh Franchising Co. Inc.
    City, State: Lakewood, Colo.

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