CEO Gift Guide 2020

Deck the executive halls at home to ease the stress and replenish the spirit.
McIntosh I SoHo set
Courtesy of McIntosh

SoHo I Music System

The SoHo I Music System by McIntosh is powerful enough to fill the largest room in any home with premium sound while serving as a visual centerpiece. The system includes a compilation of music sources, media players, and audio enhancement products that can be mixed and matched, including one-channel solid state amplifiers, two-channel solid state preamplifiers, a room correction system, a power controller, and floor-standing loudspeakers. Enjoy music old-school style with an LP turntable, dust off the CDs for the SACD/CD player, connect the music streamer to your online song libraries, or simply listen to the radio with the AM/FM tuner.
PRICE: $123,500

Ultimate Home Office Package

As the world awaits a COVID-19 vaccine, the CEO in your life can hunker down in a home office in style. A new intercom from Troy’s Spire Integrated Systems Inc., called the 2N IP Verso, provides reliable access control for high-level home security. For those Zoom calls, the Logitech Meetup allows for virtual face-to-face meetings through an all-in-one conference camera that includes an ultra-wide lens for small rooms, a speaker, and a microphone. It automatically adjusts camera position to find and frame people in the room. For digital tasks, consider Apple’s iMac Pro, which serves as a personal computer and workspace for serious professionals. A choice of background visuals can complement your presentations by installing a collapsible greenscreen from InstaHibit.
PRICE: Greenscreen – $159.99; iMac – $4,999; Intercom – $1,011.99; Camera – starts at $899.99. Total: about $7,071

Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5Xbox and PlayStation

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are two of the very latest systems for video game junkies. The Xbox Series X presents unparalleled load-times, heightened visuals, and is fully compatible with all previous Xbox One accessories, controllers, and games. The PlayStation 5 allows gamers to experience lightning-fast loading time, 3-D audio that lets players “see with sound,” and a separate DualShock controller that allows gamers to feel the tension of their actions during game play. Both gaming systems launch in mid-November, and each is set to deliver more intense and graphically impressive gaming experiences than ever before.
PRICE: $499.99 each

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf SimulatorSkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

Cold weather or a pandemic won’t affect the SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator. A high-tech monitor provides measurements of all your swings, including launch angle, backspin, and carry distance, and the simulator enclosure offers a full-screen experience with visual feedback and ball performance data. The SkyTrak Play and Improve Software, compatible with Apple devices, offers virtual play on 12 world-famous World Golf Tour courses and a skills assessment feature, progress tracking, and environmental settings for humidity, wind, and more. Voted the Best Value Golf Simulator by Golf Digest, the set also includes a metal protective case, a projector, landing pad turf, a golf mat, and more.
PRICE: Starts at $7,799.99

home theater by Paulson’s Audio and VideoHome Theater

For the CEO who likes to unwind with family and friends after a long day of work, an at-home theater is the perfect solution. Paulson’s Audio and Video in Farmington Hills provides a fully customized home theater including professional-grade projectors, custom-made screens, powerful acoustics, and specialty theater seating. All that hardware and furniture means movie fans can enjoy the all-encompassing entertainment experience as filmmakers intended. With an upgrade, the system can be completely controlled by a wireless tablet or a smart phone. To get the best experience, consider installing customized lighting to set the mood and dramatically complement any show or concert video.
PRICE: Around $20,000

Tempo StudioTempo Studio

This all-in-one home gym takes up about 3 square feet of floor space and offers live and on-demand classes. At 6 feet tall, the stand features a 42-inch high-definition touchscreen and stereo speakers. In live classes, coaches are notified in real time when a user makes a mistake so they can provide guidance. In on-demand classes, artificial intelligence offers the same capability. The set includes dumbbells, a barbell, collars, plates of various weights, a heart rate monitor, a workout mat, and a recovery roller. For the best experience, throw in a $39 per month membership, which offers personalized, artificial intelligence-powered training including rep counting, weight recommendations, and more.
PRICE: $1,995

home classroomAll-in-one Home School Classroom

For future CEOs, a few extra tools can’t hurt. Apple’s iPad allows students to participate in virtual lessons and complete schoolwork online. The Jamboard by Google, a connected 55-inch whiteboard, offers the same capabilities at a larger scale. Students can also listen to lessons through colorful Bluetooth-enabled JBL JR300BT headphones, which limit the maximum volume to a level that’s safe for young ears. Encourage creativity by adding the Ultimate Art Easel by Pottery Barn Kids, which includes a chalkboard, a magnetic whiteboard, and a dowel to hold paper. Introduce students to coding with the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox, which allows students to build and program five different models including a robot, a guitar, and an automated production line.

PRICE: Headphones – $49.95; Jamboard – starts at $4,999, plus a $600 one-time management and support fee; Easel – $199; LEGO set – $159.99; iPad – starts at $329. Total: about $6,337.