The Faces of Public Relations – Franco

Faces of Detroit 2019 Special Section


400 RENAISSANCE CENTER, STE. 1000, DETROIT, MI 48243 | 313-567-2300 | WWW.FRANCO.COM

Franco has been a leader in Detroit public relations since 1964. From award-winning pizza and consumer brands to global automotive suppliers, leading professional service organizations, and change-making nonprofits, the Franco team connects its clients to those who matter most.

While a lot has changed in the past five-plus decades, Franco continues to thrive on the principles of traditional PR while embracing the power of integrated communications.

From PR and marketing to advertising and social media, the Franco team — led by CEO Dan Ponder, President Tina Kozak, and COO Tina Benvenuti Sullivan — understands the importance of a data-driven, people-powered approach. Their team skillfully combines analytics and insights with relationships and instinct to build the multifaceted communications programs that define leaders, innovators, and influencers in Detroit and around the world.

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