Toni Wisne Sabina Foundation

Toni Wisne Sabina Foundation
Courtesy of the Toni Wisne Sabina Foundation

Based in Novi, the Toni Wisne Sabina Foundation provides financial support to organizations bettering life in southeast Michigan. The foundation’s main goals are to help organizations that supply food, educational, and health resources; help veterans; or advocate for animal rights. Toni Ann Wisne Sabina, a successful restaurant and catering company owner, created the foundation in 2006. The Whaley Children’s Center, Fragile X Association of Michigan, Community Sharing Outreach Center, St. Patrick Catholic Church, and saveMIheart are among the organizations that received financial support from the foundation in 2020. Joseph Wisne now serves as the director of the foundation and president of its board, which seeks to use the foundation to continue Toni’s legacy by helping these organizations.

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