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The Americana Foundation, based in Novi, works to support the sustainable development of agriculture and community food systems, the protection of natural resources, and the conservation of early American heritage. It operates the Tollgate Farm, a 160-acre historic farmstead in Novi that was originally owned by the organization’s founders, Adolph H. and Ginger Meyer. The farm offers educational programming that addresses the preservation of American agriculture, community gardening, and hands-on learning for children, families, and adults. Part of the farm was donated to Michigan State University Extension in 1979, which promised to use it to promote public agricultural education. Other parts of the farm are leased to the extension. The foundation has provided almost $5 million in gifts and grants to MSU since 1977 to restore and maintain the facilities at the farm. In honor of the founders’ collection of handcrafted early Americana, the foundation works to support organizations that preserve, protect, and promote expressions of America’s heritage, particularly American furniture and decorative arts.

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