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Since 1957, the Southwest Detroit Business Association has been striving to improve and further develop local businesses. The organization works to grow economic development in southwest Detroit by supporting existing businesses, enhancing the climate for public and private investment, and promoting cooperative ventures. The organization has completed two major renovations using funds provided by grants, donations, and tax credits: a $1.3 million renovation of the Rebert building and a $4.9 million renovation of the Odd Fellows Hall historic landmark. The organization also collaborated to construct the 17.2-mile Detroit Greenlink recreational route and the $6.4 million Streetscape project that updated much of the lighting and walkways in southwest Detroit, including West Vernor and Clark Park. In 2015, the organization founded the Small Business Advocacy Center to increase economic opportunities and racial equity in the public contracting process by preparing local contractors and residents to obtain jobs in infrastructure projects. The SDBA also offers small business technical assistance for businesses looking for guidance and real estate information in the southwest Detroit community as well as a façade program that gives local small businesses facelifts for their shop fronts.


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