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Say Detroit is committed to serving the needs of Detroit’s young, elderly, disadvantaged, and veterans. The organization has made it a goal to give as many families shelter as possible through its Working Home Working Families initiative that relies on the donation of homes for its volunteers to refurbish for a family in need. Since 2011, the organization has provided more than 40 homes for metro Detroit families. Additionally, the organization operates a family health clinic that provides free care for underinsured women and their children, averaging more than 4,000 visits annually. For children, the organization operates an infant and child development center, the Say Detroit Play Center for after-school students, and the Detroit Dream Scholars program for students to receiver partial or full college scholarships to study the arts at a nationally renowned university. In an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization has set up the Detroit Beats COVID-19 project, which devotes 100 percent of proceeds to causes such as feeding and protecting frontline workers, creating a mobile testing center, and offering meal deliveries to the homeless, elderly, and children.


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