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The PIME Missionaries have been present in Detroit for close to 70 years. The organization moved to America in 1947, and their location near the University of Detroit Mercy serves as its U.S. mission center and regional headquarters. Since then, they have been working within the community to help develop and promote local Catholic churches and services, provide spiritual and physical support, and use their experience in breaking language and cultural barriers to help struggling Detroiters in their community. The PIME Missionaries also have their PIME Center for community use regarding religious services, workshops, and recreational events. Offerings at the center may vary due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The organization’s reach goes beyond the city of Detroit, as it currently has missionaries in 18 countries. Missionaries have worked to improve their communities by providing clean drinking water, building hospitals, setting up pension and health care plans, and more. PIME also has created the ability to sponsor their projects, communities, and people in need within these communities. Most of their offered sponsorships are set up for children or those with disabilities who are in need of food, clothing, medical care, or further advancement of their education.



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