Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance

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Courtesy of the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance

The Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA), based in Ann Arbor, promotes the early detection of ovarian cancer and improved treatment outcomes. The organization raises awareness of ovarian cancer, provides resources and support to survivors and families, and funds ovarian cancer research. MIOCA serves the public by educating both women and health care professionals to better recognize ovarian cancer symptoms to help save lives through early detection. MIOCA has a number of programs that engage the community in the fight against ovarian cancer. One of those programs is SPEAK (Survivors Promoting Early Awareness and Knowledge), which gives participants the opportunity to hear stories from survivors while putting faces and voices to the disease. Participants are also educated on what they can do to help eradicate the disease. MIOCA is a nonprofit that was formed in 2011 and keeps all the money raised in Michigan in the state of Michigan.


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