Michigan Animal Rescue League

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Courtesy of the Michigan Animal Rescue League

The Michigan Animal Rescue League is an animal shelter based in Pontiac that was founded in 1953. The organization works to be a leader in nonprofit animal welfare, providing rescue, medical care, short- and long-term sanctuary, adoption, education, and outreach for dogs and cats. Animals receive care, time to exercise, and attention from staff. The organization is engaged in its first-ever comprehensive campaign, which will create a new building that will give dogs more time outside, cats more time outside of their cages, better separation between cats and dogs, state-of-the art air exchange in all animal areas, which will help prevent disease, and offer in-house medical capabilities. Along with adoption and foster opportunities, the organization offers its seniors for seniors program, which is aimed at placing senior cats in need of a home with senior citizens. The cats receive medical care from the rescue league, volunteers drive cats to and from necessary appointments, and if a senior citizen can no longer care for the cat, it can be returned to the league.





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