Hope for HIE

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Courtesy of Hope for HIE

Hope for HIE, or Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, began with a virtual network of parents seeking to connect after their children had been diagnosed with HIE, a condition in which brain cells are injured due to a lack of oxygen before, during, or after birth, or during childhood. It can cause death or disability. Hope for HIE began in 2010 on Facebook and since then, the support network has grown to serve thousands of families worldwide. Hope for HIE was incorporated legally in Michigan in 2013 and is governed by a U.S.-based board of directors. Its Michigan chapter is based in West Bloomfield Township. It was recognized as a nonprofit in September 2014. Hope for HIE has an international volunteer community that helps facilitate organizational initiatives. Hope for HIE is dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and support. The organization seeks volunteers and donations to provide resources, education, and support for families.


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