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The Hannan Center, a nonprofit located in Detroit, provides services and programs so older adults can continue to have enriching experiences. The center is connected to the Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation, which holds a similar mission of working to ensure seniors are empowered and connected to communities. The Luella Hannan Memorial Home (which later become the foundation) was established by Luella after her husband William H. Hannan, founder of the Hannan Real Estate Exchange, passed away and left his estate to Luella to use to support charities. The foundation merged with The John Scudder Foundation for Old People in 1971 and kept its Hannan name. One of the foundation’s largest projects was the Hannan House, a four-story, 45,000-square-foot senior residence of Woodward Avenue that later became a multi-tenant nonprofit center for Hannan and other organizations that help seniors. Today, the Hannan Center houses programs including the Zena Baum Senior Service Center, Beyond U – School for Grownups, and the Ellen Kayrod Art Gallery. Hannan also runs DayBreak, which is a day program for older adults living with dementia and their caregivers.


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