Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit

Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit
Courtesy of Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit

Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit in Royal Oak has been supporting both individuals with cancer and those affected by a friend’s or family member’s diagnosis since its inception in 1998. With more than 10,000 members, the club has created numerous support and educational groups to help individuals and families fight through the psychological and emotional pain a cancer diagnosis can cause. In an effort to provide support for those who need it and to combat the spread of COVID-19, the club has moved all of its support groups and most workshops online. With numerous online events happening Monday through Saturday, the club has been able to provide support through programs such as art therapy, family game nights, cancer transitions, and a wide assortment of focused support groups. While the support groups aim to provide emotional support and care, the workshops and educational lectures aim to help participants manage their diagnosis and transitions both to and from active treatments. The club has numerous programs set up for children to participate in and enjoy in an effort for them to momentarily forget the effect cancer has had on them and their family.


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