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Detroit Horse Power is a nonprofit organization that serves at-risk youth in the city of Detroit, where it is based. For now, at barns outside of the city, youth learn to ride and care for horses and gain critical skills including perseverance, empathy, responsible risk-taking, confidence, and self-control. When the program started in 2015, it had two pilot summer camps serving 18 youth. Since then, the organization has served more than 400 youth through free summer horse camps and an after-school program. The weeklong camp is $500 per participant and is funded completely by donations, foundation grants, and sponsors. Due to the social-emotional support the camp gives, the organization has been working to operate during the pandemic. DHP is helping to combat the problem of excessive vacant land in Detroit. The organization’s own facility is planned for repurposed vacant land in Detroit and will contribute to the city’s renewal and be a center for community events and equestrian services. In October 2019, DHP reached an agreement with the Detroit Public Schools Community District and is now on a three-year timeline to open this facility on an 18-acre demolished school site by early 2023.


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