Community Living Services

Community Living Services
Courtesy of Community Living Services

Community Living Services, which has divisions in Wayne, Pleasant Ridge, and Grand Rapids, helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities exercise control over their lives by creating individualized plans for mental health support and services. The nonprofit organization’s offices have temporarily closed in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. CLS staff continue, however, to serve those with disabilities through virtual and remote offerings. Support coordinators are working with their clients to identify resources that they can receive from county governments during the COVID-19 pandemic, including food assistance. Founded as Wayne Community Living Services in 1983, Community Living Services assists its clients through a process called Person-Centered Planning, in which the individuals decide their goals and outcomes, the services and treatment they want to receive, and the budget that will be spent on these services. This allows the person to control their support and services and make changes when necessary. The process focuses on satisfying universal desires such as health, security, and meaningful work.

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