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The Ballmer Group is based in Washington state, and one of its focus regions is southeast Michigan. The organization supports efforts to improve economic mobility for children and families in the U.S. who are disproportionately likely to remain in poverty. It works to remove barriers and create opportunities through all stages of a young person’s life, from a healthy birth through a good education and career. Along with focusing on community-led initiatives, partnerships with all levels of government, creating stronger nonprofits, and the use of data to track progress, the group seeks to address barriers to racial equity. In Michigan, the Ballmer Group works in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties, the region in which co-founder Steve Ballmer was raised. It also works in Los Angeles County and Washington state. The organization was founded by Steve and Connie Ballmer. Steve Ballmer is chairman of the L.A. Clippers basketball team and was CEO of Microsoft.

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