Is the Detroit Bankruptcy a Panacea?

We all hope that the Detroit bankruptcy action will somehow alleviate future pain for our city.

Blog: Is the Detroit Bankruptcy a Panacea?

We all hope that the Detroit bankruptcy action will somehow alleviate future pain for our city.

Eminent Domain of Mortgages to Save Communities?

In many communities where there was rapid over-development and money far too easily loaned prior to 2008, properties were simply sold for too much money.

Is the Proposed Bridge Between Detroit and Canada Off?

We have heard so little about the proposed New International Trade Crossing between Detroit and Windsor since the November 6, 2012 election, and we begin to wonder whether the federal government will approve the crossing.

What if Manuel Maroun Succeeds on the Bridge Referenda? Better, an answer for Thomas...

The Detroit International Bridge Company, owned by Manuel Moroun, is funding a referendum opposing the use of Michigan funds to build the New International Trade Crossing (NITC).

The Painful Constitutional Referenda Process

The last week has been excruciating in our state. We now have five referenda on the ballot, some approved by Justices who clearly personally oppose at least some of the Amendments.

Financial Stability Agreement Speaks Well of Governor Snyder and City of Detroit

The Michigan Department of Treasury’s financial stability is an amazing recognition that the City of Detroit must do well for our state to do well. Possibly because we have a governor who has not been a lifetime politician, we finally have Michigan in a position where all citizens in the state show concern about the progress, development, and redevelopment of the City of Detroit.

Financial Stability Agreement Holds Promise for Detroit’s Redevelopment

The Financial Stability Agreement is more than simply the ceding of control of power from the City of Detroit to the State of Michigan To the contrary, it is recognition by the Michigan Department of Treasury and the City of Detroit that, if the two work together, there will be great improvements in the community and in the state.

NITC and Implications for Oil

The Detroit International Bridge Company court dispute and the proposed New International Trade Crossing are at the forefront of our media topics all too often.

Bankruptcy for Detroit?

Normally, this blogger writes about solely eminent domain issues. In this case, the issue of a potential Detroit bankruptcy does directly relate to eminent domain. Of greater import, the issue affects not only eminent domain, but also every fiscal issue in the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan.