Charitable Times Ahead

While supporting a good cause on the golf course is not the cheapest way to play the game we love, it sure can be the most rewarding.

Charities and non-profits can always use an influx of cash to keep operating and serving others who are less fortunate. So this time of year as the golfing season gets underway is what these groups cherish as thousands of golf fund raising events are scheduled.

Three come to my mind for various reasons.

On May 20 was the massive Automotive Golf Classic for support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, held at Indianwood Country Club and sponsored by General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. The turnout and sponsorship was so strong from the automobile industry that both the Old and the New Courses had to be utilized to hold all the foursomes. In raising about $500,000, yes half-a-million, event chairman Peter Brown of Automotive News exclaimed to the crowd, “The automotive industry is back.”

Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals is drumming up support for its 2013 Macomb Golf Classic on June 10, at one of the nation’s classic courses, the Detroit Golf Club. The event is bringing in LPGA Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez as an added treat for participants as hundreds of people will raise money for the hospital’s Neighbors Caring for Neighbors Clinic. To hear president and CEO Barbara Rossmann’s conviction and compassion for the clinic’s work and the people it touches, no one would doubt the positive impact it’s making on the community. Potential sponsors and golfers who wish to learn more should call 586-263-2968.

On a less-flashy scale, smaller golf fundraisers make just as big of an impact, like the 2nd Annual Drew Crew Golf Scramble to be held June 22 at Brentwood Golf Club in White Lake. Cost is $100 per golfer and more information is at

Drew was practicing a backflip for the Dr. Seuss musical at Walled Lake Central High School in 2010 when he fell awkwardly and suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down and unable to breathe on his own.  He played football, basketball and the tuba at WL Central, and has been an inspiration to his friends, family and community as he continued in the marching band after his injury, playing a synthesizer, while keeping his grades at a level that got him accepted to the University of Michigan last autumn.

While supporting a good cause on the golf course is not the cheapest way to play the game we love, it sure can be the most rewarding.

A new feature I am adding to my 2013 blog is golf tips from Bob Krause. Bob has given me some excellent golf advice over the past few years to improve my game by six strokes and now we’re passing along his insights to our DBusiness readers.

Bob Krause Golf Tips

Knee Flex – Less Movement

A scenario that I often see is the back leg straightening during the back swing. If your leg straightens then your entire body will rise up a few inches which makes it hard to time the downswing and often results in hitting behind the ball or a fat shot. What I suggest to fix this problem is to simply focus on maintaining the flex in your back leg throughout your back swing.

Next time you hit some balls focus on your back leg at your address position, keep it slightly bent during your swing and through impact, feeling your weight on the inside of your right thigh. This will help you TURN around your right hip rather than swaying and / or lifting up. It will take a few balls to get comfortable with this but I guarantee it will fix the problem.

Bob Krause spent nine years playing numerous professional tours around the United States as well as participating in the PGA Tour Qualifying School.