ZIFiT Infrared Fitness to Open in Birmingham in June


ZIFiT Infrared Fitness, a fitness studio created by entrepreneur Allie Mallad, that uses infrared technology to naturally raise core body temperature and produce a healthy and detoxifying sweat, recently announced it will open its newest location in Birmingham in June 2017. ZIFiT currently operates 96 locations nationwide, including studios in Allen Park, West Bloomfield, Livonia, and Lansing.

The Birmingham studio will feature a new Executive Club concept, as well as infrared cycling, kickboxing, and yoga. Infrared technology is used to naturally heat the body, rather than just warming the air temperature, and can help athletes release toxins stored at the cellular level and burn up to 300 calories on its own in 40 minutes.

“Among numerous health and wellness benefits, the innovative approach of infrared therapy can help fitness studio guests lose weight, lower their blood pressure, release toxins, reduce stress, increase energy and recover faster,” says Malld, ZIFiT’s founder and CEO. “We are the first to market in this space and are building an extraordinary new concept and business model for fitness and consumer value.”

Mallad developed the concept of integrating interval training with the benefits of infrared technology and he has participated in several other health and wellness-related business ventures, including a national rollout of the Massage Green Spa brand.

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