Workforce Opportunity Services Launches Learning Center in Detroit


Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS), a non-profit organization dedicated to aligning individuals from underrepresented groups with career opportunities, today announced a new learning center will be established in Detroit.

As part of WOS’ In the Community program, the Learning Center was designed to level the playing field for Detroiters who face barriers to education and employment.

Orletta Caldwell, a Detroit native with more than 30 years of administrative and leadership experience, will serve at the coordinator of the new Learning Center, overseeing all operations. Caldwell has held positions at Josten’s Inc., Camp Barber, and Grand Rapids Community College.

“Workforce Opportunity Services takes a practical, yet innovative approach to developing early-career individuals and veterans in efforts to prepare them for the 21st-century work habits,” says Caldwell. “The learning center will enhance the transformation that Detroit is currently undergoing and will provide young people with the tools and habits that they need to truly participate in the transformation to further the city, which might not have happened otherwise.  These skills will provide the participants with not only jobs but the seeds to transform their communities.”

Similar to the center that WOS established in New York in 2014, the Detroit-based center will collaborate with other organizations and institutions to offer no cost workshops for underserved individuals regarding: business writing essentials, time management, goal setting, job search and interview tips, navigating career changes, and workplace professionalism.

Founded in 2005, WOS has partnered with more than 50 corporations in 35 locations globally.