What to Post Online? Try a Glow in the Dark Party in Ferndale


Ferndale-based SoPlat Media is moving away from social media management and now offers content creation and consulting. With a new website and contracts in place, the firm is now focusing specifically on two areas where companies can struggle: What content to post and how to build a following.

“Our role is to provide clients with content to post (on their account),” says Ian Cole, director of operations. “So, one, they have something awesome to put out there, and, two, we can help them distribute it in a way that fills that followership, whether it’s through a promotional video or a giveaway.”

Founded by Joe Venuto four years ago, the company initially managed social networking accounts. Now, SoPlat  provides high-quality videos, images, and graphics designed to enhance a clients’ visibility and reach niche audiences.

“There’s a lot of downsides to (updating and managing a client’s social media account). Part of it is that it’s time consuming,” Cole says. “The other part is there’s not a lot of barriers to entry, so really, you can get outsourced by somebody’s nephew,” he says.

SoPlat’s clients include Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique in Royal Oak, Varsity Ford in Ann Arbor, and hip-hop artist Big Sean from Detroit. “I started this company in my bedroom four years ago while directing Michigan Global Entrepreneurship Week,” Venuto says. “Over the years I’ve discovered that there are many businesses, both big and small, that are looking to amp up their social presence but aren’t really sure how to do it.”

SoPlat will host a launch party, called Glow in the Dark, on Nov. 23. at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale. For more information about the event, click here.