West Michigan’s MarketLab Introduces CLIA-Waived Tests to Health Care Supply Network


MarketLab announced today that it has expanded its product portfolio to include hundreds of new CLIA-waived testing supplies to address an underserved need in the health care marketplace. The company is based in Caledonia, southeast of Grand Rapids.

“CLIA-waived tests allow physicians to perform common lab tests bedside, while the patient waits, and provide results all in the same visit,” says Ross Perry, clinical laboratory product manager of MarketLab. “This helps to promote a more tailored treatment plan for each patient, potentially reducing the number of visits and often breaking down time-frame barriers for more immediate care.”

The expansion comes as demand for FDA-cleared test systems continues to increases among health care organizations, employers, governments, criminal justice programs, educational institutions, and other sectors. Perry says that improved patient care, workflow, and throughput are MarketLab’s primary aims in incorporating these new products.

MarketLab’s CLIA-waived rapid tests are approved by the FDA for home use. Results from waived tests are valid in a wide variety of applications, designed to be highly repeatable and have a low error risk.

As part of its launch, MarketLab developed an easy-to-navigate CLIA-waived shopping guide, where customers can shop by specimen type or test type.

“We offer tests from the industry’s top manufacturers, each with its own advantages, and are continuing to add new tests based on demand,” says Perry.

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