Wayne State University Collaborates With Aly Sterling Philanthropy to Train Non-Profit Board Members


The Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business and Toledo-based full service consulting firm Aly Sterling Philanthropy have partnered to offer a unique program to train nonprofit board members. The Board Member Accelerator Series (BMA) takes a community-wide approach to board training by connecting people from various industries and a range of experience and interests.

BMA will be hosted Nov. 10-11 at WSU’s Prentis Building in Detroit.

“We’re excited to partner with WSU to bring the Board Member Accelerator Series to Detroit,” says Aly Sterling, president and founder of Aly Sterling Philanthropy. “There’s so much energy and excitement in the city right now, and this training program will give people the confidence they need to join the renaissance. Board membership is a great way to get involved, and everyone can do it – and do it well – with a little training.”

BMA’s goals are to encourage more people to serve the community and prepare future generations of non-profit leaders by providing the education and skills necessary to help young professionals and seasoned volunteers find the right board to serve.

Participation in this two-session workshop will cover:

  • The board member’s purpose, roles and responsibilities
  • Signs of a healthy board and organization
  • Basic training on governance best practices
  • How to align your interest and skills with the right nonprofit

Registration is priced at $169 per person and more information can be found here.

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