Wayne State Symposium to Help Businesses Make Sense of Big Data


Wayne State University’s Big Data and Business Analytics Group in Detroit will host a symposium in March to help businesses maximize the use of big data, a collection of information from multiple sources that is broken down and categorized into patterns of interest.

“Early adopters have demonstrated the transformative potential of big data, but extracting value from big data is no ordinary task,” says Satyendra Rana, visiting professor and one of the founding directors of Big Data & Business Analytics Group at Wayne State. “Companies have to overcome entrenched cultural barriers and must foster close collaboration among an interdisciplinary team of experts.”

The symposium will focus on managing and analyzing data captured through product development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, and service in a global setting. Attendees will learn how to identify big data opportunities, develop business cases, and use analytics to drive business success, says Ratna Babu Chinnam, an industrial and systems engineering professor at Wayne State and a founding director of the group behind the event.

“Big data management and analytics require a slew of advanced concepts, tools, and technologies, and the required skills are hard to come by,” Chinnam says.

To learn more about the Big Data and Business Analytics Summit Symposium, to be held on March 26 at Wayne State’s McGregor Memorial Conference Center, click here.

Additionally, the Great Lakes Business Intelligence and Big Data Summit is scheduled for March 13 at the Marriott Hotel in Troy. Presentations at the event will include business intelligence case studies and innovations from companies including Qliktech, Microsoft (which operates a large technology center in Southfield), and iDashboards in Troy. For further details, click here.