Walsh College to Launch New Master of Arts in Business Degree for Fall Semester


Troy-based Walsh College has announced the addition of a Master of Arts in Business (MA in Business) degree, a 33-credit graduate program featuring 11 courses from communication skills, human resource management, organizational management, and more. The program will begin in the fall semester.

First in the Michigan market, the MA in Business program is designed specifically for non-business professionals who want to build business knowledge and skills to advance their careers. Unlike an MBA, which is focused on building in-depth business expertise for aspiring business executives, the MA in Business will provide business knowledge for professionals in health care, art and design, architecture, criminal justice, education, IT, construction, food service, and other industries. The degree is also geared towards entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their business skills to support their ventures.

“Walsh College has built its reputation providing focused and rigorous business programs. With the new Master of Arts in Business program, the school is expanding its reach to create rewarding opportunities to an entirely new group of students,” says Michael Rinkus, interim executive vice president and chief academic officer.

“By delivering a practical and well-rounded business education for non-business undergraduates, we can close the skills gap and arm today’s professionals with the fundamental proficiencies required to move forward into challenging new roles or bring their passion projects to life as a successful small business.”

Students will begin the program with a foundation of business success course to provide critical insights into key business concepts and command of core business disciplines. When possible, the MA in Business will personalize courses and tailor projects and assignments to individual student’s interests, and student support services will be provided throughout the program.

Designed for working adults, the degree can be completed online or in a hybrid combination of online and campus classes. A student taking two classes per semester could complete the program between 12 and 18 months.

Walsh College will begin accepting applications this spring, more information about applying can be found here.

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