Walsh College in Troy to Add Cybersecurity Courses to Curriculum


Troy’s Walsh College will begin offering cybersecurity courses designed to meet the increased demand for IT specializations. The classes, which start in January, will be part of its Master of Science in information technology degree program.

“The future of cybersecurity and the number of trained people needed to protect and defend information systems on which businesses depend are growing exponentially,” says Barbara Ciaramitaro, lead professor of information technology and cybersecurity at Walsh College. “Both students and employers are demanding greater emphasis on cybersecurity in IT education programs to meet the growing need in the marketplace.”

Ciaramitaro says the program is designed to meet several external standards from the U.S. Department of Defense, the National Security Agency Center of Academic Excellence’s course requirements, and the Department of Homeland Security’s workforce framework.

The program, one of the first in southeast Michigan, will offer courses in the fundamentals of cybersecurity; security program management; resiliency and crisis management; threats; and intelligence analysis tools and techniques, among others.

Walsh College, founded in 1922, offers programs in the fields of accounting, finance, management, and marketing, among others. The institution operates locations in Troy, Novi, and Clinton Township.