Volta Power Systems Partners with Auto Meter to Launch Display System


Holland-based Volta Power Systems today announced a partnership with in-cabin and external instrumentation designer and manufacturer Auto Meter Products on an innovative lithium ion battery state of charge display system.

The programmable Auto Meter instrument displays total available energy in Volta’s turn-key lithium ion power systems, while offering customer-specific, customizable warning thresholds and diagnostic code.

“Voltas State of Charge display instrument gauge system Auto Meter designed for Volta has a variety of programmable colors and variable flash rate settings,” says Brett Littlefield, director of sales at Auto Meter. “The gauges offer Volta customers options to incorporate into their design features.”

Auto Meter, based in Sycamore, Ill., has provided mounted instrumentation, multifunction displays, harsh environment digital video recorders, battery chargers, and starting and charging system analyzers to virtually every racing class and major OEM customer for 60 years.

Volta used tested, automotive-grade lithium ion technology to provide more energy with less noise, space, weight, and charging time than traditional methods. The innovative energy systems are designed for recreational vehicles, marine applications, and specialty commercial vehicles like bucket trucks. Volta will install their Auto Meter SOC display system on the system junction box for convenience and ease of use for end users and maintenance technicians.

Additionally, the new instrument system provides color-coded energy level indicators and a comprehensive message center for end users. The display systems were tested on current models and will debut on Liberty Coach models in late January. Volta also plans to use the gauges on current and future products.

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