Voice Actors Featured on New Rochester Hills Website


Roughly 100 voice actors are listed on Voicebox1.com, a new online voiceover website. Based in Rochester Hills, the website — which provides a forum for voice actors and clients seeking talent to connect — takes voice promotion to the next level.

“What sets us apart is our evaluation process,” says Denis Couture, who co-founded the website with his son, Nick Couture. “The barriers of entry (into this industry) are so low that now what’s starting to happen is anyone can breathe into a cheap microphone and (think) they’re qualified as a voice actor. But it’s not that easy.

“What we’ve done is raise the bar, so to speak, by setting some basic tests that we require our voice talent to go through.”

As part of the evaluation process, voice actors must submit a demo, or a 15-second script, which is evaluated by professional coaches at Voice Coaches in Albany, N.Y. If the talent meets certain requirements — such as a basic microphone and editing software — they’re eligible to be featured on the website.

From there, companies looking for talent for commercials, audio books, or documentaries can enter their assignment. From there, advertisers are connected to a selection of voice actors.

“Let’s say the voice seeker (advertiser) says they want a female voice, middle-aged, (and) with a British accent,” Couture says. “The site matches up the requirements with the talent available and automatically generates an email that is sent to the voice talent.”

The talent can then choose to send a sample to the voice seeker, and if selected, can negotiate a price and transact business via the website.

Voice actors — who pay an annual or monthly subscription to be on the site — represent several vocal ranges and languages, including Spanish, Indian, and Italian. Voice seekers may post jobs or connect with talent at no cost.

Plans include adding a blog and voice coaching resources to the website, Couture says. “Some of the voice talent have already secured work after being on the site, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t improve on the skill set that they already have,” he says.