Visteon's Camera-Enhanced Cockpit Helps Distracted Drivers


Visteon Electronics, a majority-owned subsidiary of Van Buren Township-based Visteon Corp., has introduced a next-generation driver control system.

The system, designed with input from consumers, uses on-board cameras to determine what information the driver needs at any given time, allowing him or her to better concentrate on the road ahead. For instance, one interior camera can determine where the driver is looking and — paired with a microprocessor that calculates data from the cameras — automatically enlarge the driver controls on the dashboard.

The recognition capability can be used to automatically adjust controls like seat position and side mirrors. It can also help guard against theft by ensuring the vehicle’s engine won’t start in the event of a break-in. It also records images of the intruder.

An external camera at the front of the car can spot potential hazards or obstacles and send the driver a warning of an oncoming pedestrian or an alert that the vehicle is in a “no turn” lane.

The company is currently showing the system to various vehicle manufacturers with the goal of incorporating the technology into future vehicles.

“Auto manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to reduce driver distraction while enhancing user experiences, and this new cockpit concept addresses both issues,” says Anthony Ciatti, an electronics innovator at Visteon.

During a recent Visteon consumer research study, 80 percent of those surveyed reacted positively to Visteon’s camera-enhanced cockpit concept, the company said.