Visteon Taps 3-D Graphics for Hand-free Radio/Climate Control


Drivers will soon be able to control vehicle temperature and audio systems without actually touching an instrument panel thanks to a new concept from Van Buren Township-based Visteon Corp.

The cockpit idea, which Visteon has been demonstrating to global vehicle manufacturers, uses an advanced camera system that creates a virtual hand. The driver can then adjust radio volume, for instance, by making a turning motion with his or her hand.

“The Horizon cockpit concept shows possibilities for combining real-time rendered 3-D graphics with advanced display technologies,” says Shadi Mere, innovation manager at Visteon. “By weaving together multiple emerging (human-machine interaction) input technologies we’re able to deliver a distinctive cockpit system that delivers an intuitive and enjoyable driving experience.”

During a research clinic, 70 percent of consumers showed a strong interest in a virtual volume knob in their next vehicle, stating it was easier and more convenient than searching for a traditional volume knob, Mere says.