Visteon Demonstrates Augmented Reality Driving Technology at CES 2017


Van Buren Township-based automotive designer and manufacturer Visteon has showcased their latest advancements in heads-up display technology as this year’s Consumer Electronics Show continues in Las Vegas.

A highlight of Visteon’s exhibit is a demonstration vehicle equipped with an augmented reality system, which overlays graphics in the driver’s line of sight to represent objects in the vehicle’s path, provides navigation guidance, and displays relevant vehicle information, such as lane departure warnings. The augmented reality driving experience is designed to minimize distractions by alerting drivers to critical information, while allowing them to keep their eyes on the road.

Embedded front-view and driver-monitoring cameras complement the vehicle’s HUD and trigger “smart alerts” in the form of lights and sounds when the driver isn’t paying attention to the road, the vehicle strays from its lane, or the vehicle is in danger of hitting an object.

“We are excited to showcase our latest innovative technology in head-up displays,” says Sachin Lawande, Visteon president and CEO. “Augmented reality HUD is the next big step in the application of advanced automotive data processing and sensor fusion technologies, which ensures that the vehicle recognizes its precise positioning and what is happening around it. Our demonstration vehicle showcases a unique visual and acoustic experience that is designed to improve safety beyond the capabilities of traditional HUD systems.”

HUD applications are gaining popularity as a preferred automotive interface because they allow drivers to focus on the road while receiving vital information, such as vehicle speed and warning messages in their field of vision. Affordable technology solutions, the adoption of driver assistance systems, and consumer demand for safety are bringing HUD applications to mass-market vehicles at an annual growth rate of nearly 30 percent.

Visteon, which has delivered more than one million HUD units for production vehicles, will exhibit several scalable HUD solutions at the showcase targeting all segments from entry-level to luxury vehicles.

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