Velocilinx in Auburn Hills Creates Electronics for Smart Home Automation, Mobility


Auburn Hills-based technology company Velocilinx today entered the consumer electronics market as a premium technology retail brand and a leader in the global high-tech electronics market.

The company’s products range from smart home automation, gaming, Wi-Fi, mobility, and wireless products to a variety of cables and accessories.

With more than 25 years in the industry, Velocilinx manufactures products that are designed to integrate seamlessly with a range of devices and systems. The company says its product portfolio will appeal to consumers who value performance, technology, and innovative design at retail.

“Our culture is one that fosters embracing our employee experiences as experts in the industry, as well as every day consumers, to deliver innovative technological solutions for the future,” says John Dimovski, president and CEO of Velocilinx. “We are excited about the introduction of Velocilinx into the marketplace and delivering our customer-focused products with passion, integrity, and innovation.”

Velocilinx products include cameras, motion detectors, door sensors, timers, outlets, and lights for smart home automation and virtual reality headsets, gaming keyboards, cables, routers, and capture devices. Wireless charging pads, power banks, car adapters and chargers, and wall chargers are also available.

Velocilinx products will soon be available at retailers worldwide. More information can be found here.