Vantastic, Developed by a Metro Detroit Entrepreneur, Creates Multi-Purpose Lit-Bit Technology


West Bloomfield Township-based Vantastic Designs and Promotions has debuted the Lit-Bit, a customizable, transparent bracelet that glows in response to music rhythms and speech.

Tris DeWalt-Van, executive director for Vantastic Designs and Promotions says the device replaces traditional wristbands for ticketed events. So far, the glowing bracelet has been utilized at events in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, and is expected to become a staple accessory at music festivals, weddings, family reunions, and birthday parties.

“We really just want to keep it lit and just remember how valuable and fun those events are in life,” DeWalt-Van says. “I’ve got people coming back to me (who) went to an event a year ago, and they still have their Lit Bit. For a minute, you’re back at that moment, and you feel good about it.”

The Lit Bit is battery powered, and can be turned on and off using a switch.

Lit-Bit is now marketing the product on the music festival scene, having used the devices promotionally in the past. DeWalt-Van hopes the devices eventually become the primary ticketing method for events, as well as provide entertainment value.

LitBit bracelets start at $2.95 each, and allow for up to 25 characters in the customizable text. With a sturdy band, DeWalt-Van recognizes the branding value of a non-perishable event ticket. “We’re not selling to the ticket buyer, we’re selling to the event holder. This is the event holder’s way to continue to promote their name,” she adds.

As the Lit Bit evolves, DeWalt-Van plans to expand the company’s line to include sportier models and a light-up dog walking kit. More information about Lit-Bit can be found here. 

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