Valassis’ Total Loyalty Solutions Mobile App Targets Small and Medium-sized Businesses


Livonia-based media delivery solutions provider Valassis today announced new data-driven customization features through the Total Loyalty Solutions (TLS) mobile app builder. The new feature, called Advanced Rewards, equips small and medium businesses (SMBs) with the same caliber programs used by large restaurant chains and big box stores.

TLS is integrated with a SMBs point-of-sale systems and enables companies to create point-based rewards programs based on their customers’ purchase behavior. The technology pairs customers with transaction data to deliver personalized offers while rewarding them for every dollar spent.

“We’re transforming how local businesses are bringing customers back for additional visits,” says Steve Hauber, president of Valassis. “Total Loyalty’s app-building software now makes it possible for SMBs to compete on the same level as national brands, leveraging data to intelligently deliver mobile offers based on transaction history. Personalization and an enhanced customer experience are a win for both SMBs and consumers.”

TLS’ rewards program includes the assistance of marketing coaches to set up a custom mobile app for the business owner, which tracks each transaction for individual customers, allowing the merchant to create automated targeted offers that will appeal to the specific customer. Rewards and offers are instantly and securely validated.

Businesses can also view a dashboard displaying the success of each promotion with actionable information, including revenue generation for each marketing campaign.

More than 1,000 TLS apps have been launched at nearly 3,000 locations and on more than 1.2 million devices. More information can be found here.

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